This demonstration will describe the process used by three nephrology nurse practitioners to lead a formal assessment of this advanced practice tending function within a large, academic health care institution in Canada. Here, nurse practitioner (NP) functions have been implemented in several measurable specialties.


The NP function assessment utilizes the evidence-based Canadian Nurse Practitioner Initiative (CNPI) Implementation and Assessment Outline (CNA, 2006) and the Logic Model (Treasury Board of Canada, 2001). The CNPI outline was developed by measurable and academic experts on the NP function from across Canada. The CNPI outline maps out objectives, resources, activities, performance indicators and significant outcomes of an NP function, which are necessary in the implementation and assessment of nurse practitioner functions in all measurable settings.


This nephrology NP function assessment process is ongoing at the time of conceptual submission. Completion of the assessment is expected before the CANNT conference in October 2008. The demostration will provide a summary of the function assessment process.


The data collected and methods used for this assessment will inform any future development, implementation and assessment of NP functions within the specific health care institution, and could very well be utilized to evaluate other NP functions, regardless of measurable or geographical setting.