When a patient becomes immovable or is paralyzed in bed, moving the patient or adjusting food and drinking postures; require the advice of a clinical doctor so the patient doesn’t experience discomfort. 


Upon following the instructions in the chart and recommendations the doctor and nurse set forth, the patient experiences a better outlook with positive future movements; despite the limited movements which may had been second nature, at a different time.

A resident in a nursing home with some variety of Dementia and Parkinson's Disease may be confined to a wheelchair; then needing assistance with personal inevitably, from an innate cause of frustration.  A short memory test which shows your abilities to reason, determines what stage of dementia has occurred, from elapsed Neurons into the future. 


Upon gazing a paintings and pioneering new things, the reality orientation uses calendars to help people with Alzheimer's disease or substance abuse suffering from possible Delirium or withdrawal.  Hence, the resident remembers through Reminiscence therapy; despite leaving a facility then elopement from the establishment.

Epilepsy causes sudden loss of balance and slurring words would not be as severe in a nursing home; compared to, walking in an empty home with stairs to journeying up and down with no tunnel of vision.


eeing hidden treasures that are far away presents a frustration hidden from bright rays of sun because of farsightedness, as opposed to, nearsightedness. Not expediently, the resident finds it different to focus on the depth and clarity; of a Q-Tip.  Worrying about past or future consequence can be seen with a long line of worriers, passed down from one generation to another; attuned to Paranoid Schizophrenia or generalized anxiety disorder.  Furthermore, the Central nervous system controls the highway of nerve stimulus which controls your actions and motion activities.  In contrary to, the Peripheral nervous system connecting the links; in the spinal cord.